Best places to stop over before flying on to New Zealand

Making the decision to visit New Zealand and taking the time to plan a trip there from the UK is not something that many travellers take lightly. With upwards of 20 hours being spent in the air, it seems obvious that you should take the time to stop over and make the most of your long-haul travel plans by making a stopover somewhere along the line and hit two (or more!) birds with one stone by seeing a few more countries along the way. Luxury Tours offer a range of alternatives. Here are some of the best stopover ideas that you can use to inspire your future travel route planning when heading to New Zealand:

San Francisco

Arguably one of the most unique and cosmopolitan of all US cities, San Francisco is a hard stopover option to ignore when you’re exploring your options for travelling to New Zealand, or even if you want to move there, using services from sites like could really help make the process easier. If you’re happiest hitting up all the best bohemian cafes and boutiques, then San Fran is the place for you. The city is full of all the obvious urban jungle attractions, alongside some exciting alternatives that are best discovered when sought after in the spur of the moment! Alongside your usual travel documents, you should also apply for an ESTA visa card before booking your stopover in San Francisco, or else not be permitted to enter the country.

Fly here via Qantas and Virgin Atlantic (approx. 10 hours from London)


If you’re a culture vulture seeking history and the arts, then Bangkok is calling your name! Amidst the cacophony of traffic and tuk-tuks, there is another side to the city and that lies in its holy buildings and statues. Bangkok is certainly a top contender for anyone looking to spice up their travels and try taking on a place that is eclectic and charming in its own unique way.

Fly here via Emirates, Etihad (approx. 12 hours from London)


The wonderful thing about visiting Bali is that while you have the regular tourists hotspots like Kuta to explore, you can also step out onto a road less travelled and be met with isolated beaches and beautifully green rice paddy fields. Famous for its chilled out, spiritual vibes and fabulous spas, there is no better place to recover from your hours spent in the sky than by getting a massage or invigorating scrub treatment.

Fly here via Singapore Airlines (approx. 19 hours from London)


Singapore is fast becoming a popular holiday destination in its own right and certainly deserves a look in if you’re after an exciting place to explore before arriving in New Zealand. While there is obviously lots of shopping and stunning hotels to stay in (for example, Marina Bay Sands) while spending time here, there is another side to this bustling city too. Singapore is also home to one for the largest and most impressive zoo which is guaranteed to have you mesmerised and left with a better understanding of some of the world’s most impressive and endangered creatures.

Fly here via Singapore Airlines (approx. 12 hours from London)

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