Queenstown – 3rd Top Food and Wine Destination

All the locals can tell you what is now becoming a world wide fact. Queenstown has great food and wine and the votes in the best food and wine destinations in the Pacific prove this with Queenstown winning 3rd for 2011. The restaurants around town offer such a wide variety and a price to suit any taste You can feast on all types of wild game, as well as all of that delicious beef and lamb that New Zealand is famous for.

Queenstown is very well known for it’s wines with many award winning wineries within the Wakatipu region. There are also a few locally brewed beers if your prefer the taste of hops to grapes.

The towns restaurants are busy every night as the tourist head back into the town after attending to what ever activities they had planned for the day creating a great atmosphere. Overall, eating in Queenstown is an experience you should look forward to if your a planning a visit to the region.

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