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Frequently Asked Questions

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Visiting Queenstown

Should I book accommodation or activities in advance?
Queenstown is New Zealand's premier tourist destination. Because of it's popularity, it is recommended to book your accommodation and activities in advance to avoid disappointment. Otherwise you may find it hard to get a place to stay and do the activities you want to do. This is especially so during New Zealand's peak holiday periods during summer and during the ski season in the winter.

What is Queenstown's weather like?

Queenstown is located 310 meters (1020ft) about sea level nestled beside Lake Wakatipu and surrounded by mountains. Queenstown has a reputation for crisp clean air provided by the alpine climate and long summer days from its location at 45 degrees south of the equator. This gives Queenstown four distinct seasons and thought should be given into the season you wish to visit Queenstown to make the most of what you want out of your holiday. Just remember, if you are visiting from the northern hemisphere that the seasons are opposite to what you are used to. Summer in Queenstown is December – February and winter is June – August. Mountain weather can be changeable so it will be in your best interest to be prepared for the cold and the rain as it can come suddenly. In fact you sometimes can get all four seasons in one day.

Summer (December – February)

Summers in Queenstown is absolutely gorgeous and a great time to visit if your into your outdoor activities. It’s a perfect time of year for swimming, walking, white water rafting, water skiing, fishing, golf and eating outdoors. The days are hot and long with day time temperatures around 19 – 29°C (66 – 84°F) and the sun rising about 5am and setting about 10pm. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy your time in the sun. Temperatures can exceed 30°C (86°F) this time of year but it cannot be expected to happen every year. You may still get a cold snap during this time of year so be prepared.

Autumn (March – May)

Queenstown has stunning autumn colours during this time of year. The crisp cold nights create very vivid colours in the trees. Arrow town is especially pretty this time of year. The day time temperature ranges from 10 – 25°C (50 – 77°F) and the nights are becoming cool. Frosts become more common at night during May.

Winter (June – August)

Winter is a magical time of year in Queenstown with its snow capped mountains and crisp blue days. Queenstown provides excellent skiing for the winter sport enthusiast during this time of year. The snow usually only falls in Queenstown once to twice a year and is mostly confined to the mountains. This means you can enjoy the snow in the mountains and still enjoy other activities around Queenstown such as golf without the struggle of trying to find your white ball in the snow. The day time temperatures during winter range from 5 – 10°C (41-50°F) with cold frosty nights not usually below -5°C (23°F) but occasionally they can get as low as -15°C (5°F). The frost and snow can produce some stunning frosty scenery well worthy of getting the camera out.

Spring (September – November)

The plants coming into flower this time of year can be absolutely beautiful but the weather this time of year can be unpredictable as summer tries to take hold but winter tries to hold on. It can be warm and sunny one minute and cold and snowy the next. The best snow conditions for skiing are usually during the early part of spring. It’s a great chance to get back into the outdoor activities and you may get the chance to experience what Queenstown is like during winter and summer so you get two seasons for the price of one. The day time temperatures range from 9 – 15°C (48 – 59°F).

Are there any good places to eat?
Yes, Queenstown has a huge range of places to eat, in fact their are over 120 restaurants and bars to choose from. We have tried many of them ourselves and if you would like some recommendations please contact us

How far away from Queenstown is the airport?
The airport is located approximately 7km from Queenstown. It is a short 15 minute ride and there are many transport options to choose from. Visit our transport page for options

New Zealand

Where is New Zealand?
New Zealand is located to the east of Australia in between the Tasman and Pacific Ocean. We also have a map located here

What currency does New Zealand use?
New Zealand's uses the New Zealand dollar. For current exchange rates visit XE.com

Where can i change foreign currency?
Foreign currency can be changed for New Zealand dollars at banks through out New Zealand. Most popular tourist destinations and all international airports also have currency exchangers. Banks provide the best deal as they do not charge commission.

Is New Zealand water safe to drink?
Yes, New Zealand tap water is some of the cleanest and safest tap water in the water. It is safe to drink straight from the tap.

Is New Zealand Safe?
New Zealand is one of the safest places in the world to travel. People are honest and friendly. Normal precautions should be taken.


Is there any booking fee or hidden cost booking through Holidays Queenstown?
No, Holidays Queenstown charges no booking fee and there are no hidden costs. All prices for activities are the same the operators offer directly. The accommodation deals are the same or cheaper then offered by the accommodation providers directly.

Can I change or cancel my booking?
This may depend on the terms and conditions of the booking but generally if you wish to change a booking before a couple of weeks out then yes you can. This can be done through bookit
Is your site safe
Absolutely, our booking system is powered by BookIt who maintain their own secure servers.