Queenstown Ski Season – Where is the Snow?

Where is the snow? After a un-seasonally warm Autumn there is still little snow on the hills. The ski fields and Queenstown eargerly waits the first decent fall of snow. Coronet Peak was going to open on the 4th July but the ski fields are still bare and it just hasnt been cold enough to get the snow making machines into gear.

The snow always comes however and there is hope in the forecasts. According to David Crow who is the local weather guru it should be cold enough from this weekend for the snow machines to get into full gear making the good powdery snow every one is eager for. If this forecast is correct people could be heading down the slops by the end of the week as it takes about three days for the machines to make enough snow to make it enjoyable.

During the last 10 years the opening date has ranged from June 1st to June 19th so the law of averages suggest its time to wax the snow board and find the gloves.

If you are wondering when you should book your flights and accommodation then you should be safe if you book it from July onwards. Be sure to book your accommodation soon because once the snow comes they fill up fast. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed and miss out in your snow fix now would you?

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