Kawarau Jet Queenstown – Review

Kawarau Jet Boat on Lake WakatipuGet an ‘hour of power’ with Kawarau Jet, departing every hour on the hour from the Main Town Pier. From the crystal clear waters of Lake Wakatipu, through the tranquil beauty of the willow lined Kawarau River, and then through the fast moving braids of the Shotover River, the trip equates to a distance of 43km along some of Queenstown’s finest scenery. Once you return you get free entry into the Underwater Observatory beneath the Main Town Pier. This allows you to get a glimpse of the marine life that lives near the shore of the Queenstown Bay. There are some massive trout and eels here and a fish feeding machine that for $1, you can enjoy a fish feeding frenzy!

I found this ride to be good value for money. An hours jet boating starting and finishing in central Queenstown for under $100 is good value. It can at times be quite exciting as you travel at upto 85km per hour in what seems like on only a trickle of water at times – the jet boat can travel up a river that is only 10cm deep! The drivers know how to get your heart beating as they steer the boat excitingly close to the cliffs and beaches on the sides of the rivers and what I enjoyed the most is when the driver moves his hand in a circular motion in the air – this means a spin is about to happen so hold on tight, an adrenalin pumping 360 degrees spin. Its amazing the drivers haven’t gone deaf after enduring the screams that come from the passengers during this maneuver. Its easy to see why this company which pioneered the Jet Boat experience with the worlds first commercial jet boat operation has lasted more then 50 years, It ticks all the boxes.

I would recommend this trip, especially for the ‘young at heart’ and families with children as the kids get a real thrill out of the experience, great value for money. Kawarau Jet trips depart the Main Town Pier on the hour, every hour, every day. If you would like to book a ride or find out more about this trip visit Kawarau Jet Bookings

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