Extreme Sports in New Zealand That You Can’t Find In Europe

New Zealand and Queenstown in particular is well known as being one of the extreme sport capitals of the world. New Zealander’s take your average sport to the next level and are famous for being adventurous adrenaline seekers with a need for speed! Half a million people flock to this part of the world in the hope of bringing some thrills and kicks to their day. If you are looking for a way to live by the motto ‘do one thing every day that scares you’ then coming to New Zealand can be just what you are looking for!

If you are travelling through Europe and have a stop-over in anther European country then be sure to carry an EHIC with you. Alongside this, as extreme sports carry significant risks; be sure to add a travel insurance policy that covers you for the sport that you intend on doing whilst out there. If you want to know a little more about the types of sports that you could be participating in, check out our list of the best:

Jet Boating

For fun filled thrills that you can do as a group of mates, we would definitely recommend that you try Jet Skiing Packages on Oahu while checking off things from your bucket list! The best place to feel the wind in your hair as you speed through the water on a jet-boat is on Lake Taupo’s Huka Falls where you will find spectacular views of the surrounding area.


One of the most wild and terrifyingly exhilarating extreme sports in New Zealand is canyoning. This activity can be found in some of the more remote areas of Auckland, Canterbury, Nelson and Coromandel.


If you aren’t afraid of the dark then you may well want to wander into the dark scary caves that can be found in abundance on the island here. Caving can involve anything from climbing, swimming, abseiling or ‘blackwater rafting’ though some of the most fascinating caves in the world!


If you are really looking for a fresh perspective on the world, then why not try your hand at heli-skiing where you are flown to the top of the mountain and are then able to make your way back down from a great high on skis. It’s like a two-for-the-price-of-one experience!

Off Road Drives

Hit the road (or the land!) in an exciting off road drive along New Zealand’s vast network of back roads and tracks that are guaranteed to get your heart racing. If you really want to take this experience to the next level then you can also try racing though the sand dunes at Ninety Mile Beach in Northland.

Ice Climbing

While some people prefer to only see ice in their cocktails, there are parts of New Zealand that people flock to for ice climbing purposes. Climbing ice at the famous Fox Glacier is among one of the lesser known extreme sports you can participate in.

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